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A powerful program which searches all your selected music folders, drectories and drives for MP3 music, by user criteria and choice. e.g. 'qu', (plays all queen songs, masquerade and all words with 'qu' in) 'z', 'frampton' 'qu+bo' (finds 'Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody') etc. Play by clicking the result's name or all of the results on your default jukebox, randomnly if you wish. No longer do you have to remember which folder each song is in, or need to go searching through folders and subfolders to find what you want to hear. Make text or HTML sorted file lists of MP3's. Create Favorites list. Built in color schemes. ID3V1 tag editor. File information, system tray support, full drag and drop... Used by DJ's and music lovers. Simply the fastest way to play MP3's. Brilliant.

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